Frustrated & Confused By How To Fix Your Broken Diet or Fitness Plans?

You’re Not Alone...Discover The 3 Steps To Finally Taking Back Control Of Your Health, Eating Better & Feeling Amazing Without It Taking Over Your Entire Life

Proven On More Than 1037 Clients Over The Last 10 Years

I have a not-so-secret secret for you…

The weight loss & fitness industry has failed you - I’m sorry.

I’m sorry because even though I’ve helped over a thousand people just like you lose body fat and transform their lives over the last decade, I’m still part of the industry that is failing you.

The industry that…

  • Floods your brain with “1 weird trick to lose belly fat…” nonsense & confusing (usually made up) terms or phrases
  • Tries to convince you that some magic fat burning pill is what you need
  • Tells you that their latest “6 week extreme fat loss super food challenge” is the only way you’ll be able to lose that unwanted belly fat
  • Gives you ridiculous & restrictive meal plans that have no chance of long term success
  • Doesn’t actually care about you or your health, but only about convincing you that their brand new “system” or “complex mechanism” is the key to unlocking your fat loss

This is why you’re struggling to make consistent progress and always feel confused by misleading messages in the media when it comes to improving your health.

It’s not your fault and you’re definitely not alone.

This is why, even though health and fitness are at the very top of everyone’s mind we still see 70% of people in North America overweight and almost 40% of people as clinically obese.

The problem is not getting any better because the weight loss industry is to blame for your broken diet and fitness plans.

Millions of men and women waste time dieting, counting calories, restricting themselves and feeling awful when none of that stuff works long term.

If sustainable weight loss was as simple as "eating less and exercising more" we wouldn't have the 60% obesity rate that we do. We wouldn't have so many people walking through life feeling terrible with preventable, life threatening conditions on the rise.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the fitness and nutrition industry has it all wrong which is leading to mass confusion when it comes to what it takes to eat better, move better and feel better.

If you've ever felt this way - utterly confused by the all of the conflicting diet and exercise advice available - then stick with me because in just a second you're going to be introduced to a better way, a more sustainable, lifestyle-based way, to eat better, move better and feel better while living an awesome life.

Fortunately, there is a solution and I'm going to give it to you in just a second - for free - and then I'm going to offer you a chance to get some help actually implementing that solution by working with me directly (Yes, this does cost $$$ and it's not the right fit for everyone, but for those accepted into the program the success rate is very high).

But first, who am I...

My name’s Cameron Makarchuk and I'm just a regular , normal person just like you.

I have the same cravings for “bad” food just like you.

I have the same lack of motivation to go to the gym sometimes just like I'm sure you do too.

Sometimes I don't want to workout and think I'll puke if I see another salad.

But I'm also someone who has spent the last 14 years studying fitness, exercise physiology, nutrition, behavior change and mindset strategies. Including a university degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology and multiple certifications.

I've also spent the last 10 years actually working hands on with over a thousand clients directly to help them make long term changes to their health.

During this time I owned a private personal training studio that specialized in massive weight loss. My clients would routinely lose anywhere from 50-150 lbs and develop the lifestyle habits to actually keep that weight off and live an actual healthy life.

Oh, and I also co-authored a best-selling fitness book with 30 of the top fitness and nutrition experts in the world.

Over the last decade while the weight loss & fitness industry has more or less failed innocent people like yourself, I’ve worked very hard to find out what actually works in the real world with real people.

What I’ve noticed is that too many people are trying to focus on the “micro” details when they should be shifting their focus to the broader “macro” habits that are easier to implement and maintain in their lifestyle.

When I say “micro” details, what I mean are things like:

  • Counting your calories and measuring all of your food (there’s a time and place for this, but 90% of people can get the body they want without it - I’ll show you how in a second…)
  • Worrying about what their hormone levels are at any given minute of the day
  • Singling out and vilifying a single nutrient or food as the reason you’re gaining weight (i.e. “Bread is the enemy!” “Sugar will kill you!” “Gluten was made by the devil!”)
  • Trying to figure out whether you should eat 2 meals or 8 meals/day (SPOILER: It doesn’t actually matter at all)

There’s a time and place for optimizing some of these details - I call it “Level 2 and Level 3” - but the truth is 90% of people can get the body they want without ever going to Level 2 or 3.

The majority of the clients I’ve worked with have been extremely successful simply by staying in what I call “Level 1”.

Clients like…

Today I can honestly say I enjoy working out, I feel confident in how I look and I know I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. Shopaholic days are slightly less meaningful knowing I no longer need clothes to make me look nice, because ‘looking nice’ is what happens when you’re a client.

- Rosie, Toronto, Ontario

So, what does Level 1 look like?

Instead of focusing on those “micro” details, we need to shift our focus the broader, “macro” habits or behaviours that shape our lives.

If we can change our habits, we can change our bodies and drastically improve our overall health.

These broad, “macro” habits are things like:

  • Food portion sizes without counting anything (I’ll show you how to do this)
  • Being more mindful when you’re eating, slowing things down a little bit
  • Ensuring you’re getting enough sleep and the sleep you are getting is quality
  • Developing body awareness when you’re working out, being able to listen to what your body is telling you
  • Making sure your workout program is properly designed and follows the “Hierarchy Of Effectiveness For Fat Loss”

These are all things that I like to call the “BIG LEVERS” in your life. The few habits and behaviours that can have the biggest impact on how you look and feel.

I mentioned a “3 Step Plan” and when you’re able to focus on improving these “big levers”, you’re taking of the 1st step.

Let’s take a look at what that 3 Step Plan looks like…


  • Portion Sizes Without Calorie Counting
  • Being More mindful When You’re Eating, Slowing Things Down
  • Improving Sleep Quality & Quantity
  • Developing Body Awareness When Working Out, Listening To Your Body


  • Properly Designed Workouts To Build Your Body
  • Habit-Based Strategies To Optimize Your Nutrition
  • Methods To Strengthen Your Mind


  • Planning & Preparation - Always Have 2 Solutions For Every Obstacle In Life
  • Professional Accountability - Hire A Coach
  • Social Support - Tell Friends/Family To Help Support You & Keep You Focused
  • An Incentive - Something Meaningful To Push You Forward
  • A Big Deadline - Create Urgency In Your Actions

NOTE: This is the exact system you'll be taken through when you enrol in the AwesomeLife Fitness Coaching program!

The fact is, you already know that you don’t need another “12 week fat loss program” or “4 week rapid fat loss diet”

If all we needed was more information to reach our goals, we’d all be walking around with 6 pack abs and a million $$$ in our bank accounts.

But the truth is, we don’t need anymore information - all the information we could ever want is literally at our fingertips, only a Google search away.

While most diets focus on cutting calories or eliminating carbs or not eating any fat, cutting edge research is now showing that the true key to unlocking sustainable, long term weight loss comes down to ONE thing…


That's right. Research shows that it doesn't matter if you eat low carb or high carb. Whether you never eat any fat or eat mainly fat.

What it really comes down is if you can actually STICK to the diet long term.

That's good news for those of us who enjoy some flexibility in our diets.

This is why at AwesomeLife Fitness we do things differently than the vast majority of the fitness and nutrition industry.

You don't need another "diet". That's not going to help you and you already know that.

What will help you is guidance. Someone there to help you figure out the next step, especially if you're stuck.

Someone to cut through the B.S. for you and support you every step of the way through every challenge and obstacle.

A true coach who can provide you with 3 solutions for every problem you face so that you can choose what will work best for you and your lifestyle.

That’s Where AwesomeLife Fitness Coaching Is Different From Every Other Fat Loss Program - The Actual COACHING!

We make it hard to fail by helping you focus on the small changes that can lead to huge progress.

The AwesomeLife Fitness Coaching program is special in the sense that we work with you personally to put together a plan that works for YOU in the best way to help YOU succeed.

With AwesomeLife Fitness Coaching everything is custom designed for you. From the nutrition coaching to the exercise program everything is designed specifically for you and your lifestyle.

No more diets or cookie cutter workouts.

Each workout is YOUR workout. You'll always know exactly what you should be doing and all of your workouts will be scheduled based on your lifestyle. Depending on where you're at, we may even start you with simply walking while we put more focus on your diet. Like I said, everything is custom designed for YOU.

Every meal is YOUR meal based on what you like to eat and your eating habits.  Your coach will work with you to determine the best areas to focus on with your diet so you're more likely to succeed.  Small hinges swing big doors and the same is true with your diet. Small changes can lead to big results. Real results.

And you still get to live your life - an awesome life - because as you can see there is a great deal of flexibility built into your program when you’re an AwesomeLife Fitness Coaching client.

This isn't just a random 4 week meal plan thrown together and it's definitely not a program that will give you instant results overnight.

But if you're CONSISTENT with the strategic practices we show you in your program, the results will come and they will be results that stick around for good. No more rebound weight gain.

When you enrol in the program you’ll have me as your personal coach, supporting you every step of the way and ensuring you’re focusing on those Big Levers, Improving The 3 Pillars Of Wellness and Implementing The 5 Steps Of Success.


During your time with me as your personal coach you’ll learn how to:

  • Eat properly without feeling deprived or ever needing to “diet”
  • Move better and be more active, no matter what shape you’re in now
  • Avoid the “fad diets” and ignore the conflicting advice
  • Build fitness into your life, without it taking over
  • Achieve and maintain your goals, even when life gets busy and obstacles come up

The result of all of this? After we’re done you’ll:

  • Lose the fat/weight that you’ve been having trouble with for years
  • Build physical strength and increase your confidence in your body
  • Gain confidence in yourself, no longer hiding from your natural gifts
  • Let go of any “food confusion”, feeling confident in your choices and no longer being pulled in by conflicting advice in the media
  • Avoid the “diet rollercoaster”, you’ll know how to eat for your body and maintain your progress


  • Feel confident in your body being able to wear your “skinny jeans” again
  • Have enough energy to run around and play with your kids or grandkids all day
  • Look forward to having your picture taken instead of shying away from the camera all the time
  • Feel physically and mentally strong, able to take on any challenge or obstacle that comes your way
  • Excitedly book that beach vacation and start shopping for a new bathing suit to wear with confidence

That’s truly the kind of life our clients are living.

That's what I do. I help regular people just like you make the kinds of shifts necessary to not only look or feel better, but to simply live better. To be the absolute best versions of themselves.

Whether that means...

  • Dropping 125 lbs in 18 months like my client Rosie
  • Or being able to bike up and down through the hills in France like my client Jan did...
  • Or being able to reduce (or potentially eliminate) your Type 2 diabetic medication, high blood pressure medication like my client Linda did...
  • Or lose 103 lbs and 63 lbs like my client Johanne and her father Tony did...
  • Or maybe you're getting ready for your wedding like my clients Jana or Joanne...
  • Maybe you just want to be stronger and healthy into your golden years like my 62 year old client Deb…

For years, I was trapped in a vicious cycle of losing weight, losing focus, gaining it all back and then some, getting depressed about it and trying again, and again and again.

The physical changes have been amazing, but the benefits in terms of stress relief, and overall confidence in living my daily life have been phenomenal. It’s been an awesome trip

- Carol Lasson, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Being a client has changed my life drastically! Before, my caloric intake and the types of food I ate would now make me ill and I didn’t have any idea how to work out. I have been a client for 10 months now and I’m feeling healthier, happier, more confident, more energetic and, of course, smaller.

The workout and nutrition guidance is phenomenal. Thanks to the support and motivation, for the first time in my life I feel like I can actually achieve my weight loss goals and, most importantly, I now feel like I’m worth it. It feels good to have the confidence again.

- Johanne Brelis, Winnipeg, MB


If you're not familiar with online coaching, it's exactly as the name describes - fitness and wellness coaching delivered through the wonders of the internet.

You'll get the exact same high quality, customized program design that you would get if you were working with me in person, except I won't be there holding your hand through every workout (which is largely unnecessary anyways).


  • You can train at any time that suits you, in any place that suits you. This convenience will save you a lot of time as well as avoid the awkwardness many feel when going to the gym and being surrounded by lots of intimidating, sweaty people who hog all of the equipment!
  • You get much more access to you me than you would as a face to face client. You get my coaching, accountability, training programs and support all week long, not just for one maybe two hours a week that we may be together in a face-to-face environment. This means we can work together on every single aspect of getting you results and seeing you smash your goals. I will still be able to check your exercise technique (through our Skype coaching calls) to ensure you are doing everything correctly. To make hitting your goals really simple for you, you will benefit from reminders, follow up and support for each training session, every meal and everything you should track. Great online coaching is a one stop shop to get amazing results built around your lifestyle, the time you have available and your unique body and mind .
  • You get all of this at a lower price than working with me face to face for just one hour a week! This saves you money while giving you the best possible guidance, service and support.



    We’ll start with a thorough assessment of where you’re at right now in terms of diet, fitness and body composition. Then we’ll talk about what you actually want to achieve, where you want to go and how we’re going to get there.


    Depending on your goals, fitness level, schedule and equipment available I’ll design customized workout program for you. Everything is delivered through a smartphone app complete with exercise video demos so you always know exactly how to do every exercise.


    Don’t worry about having to count calories or measure your food. We’ll focus on more habit-based behaviour shifts so that your nutrition plan doesn’t have to take over your entire life. This is the key to long term success. You will get some sample meal plans and recipe guide to give you some ideas though.


    Your custom workout program will be delivered directly to you through a custom website and/or smartphone app. Simply login and you’re entire workout will be right there for you complete with exercise video demos of every exercise in your program so that you always know exactly how to do every exercise.


    Every month you’ll have 2×20 minute Skype video coaching calls. These calls can be used for anything from pure accountability to make sure you know exactly what to be focusing on for the next 2 weeks or they could be used for movement assessment or exercise form checks. Whatever you need the most help with, we’ll dive in.


    You’ll have complete access to me for any questions you have right inside the smartphone app. It works the same way and is as easy as texting me directly! Got a question about your workout? Have a big event and need to know how to plan your nutrition around it? No problem, I’m here for you.


    We’ll look at a variety of aspects to gauge your progress – increasing weights during workouts, before/after photos, body measurements etc. This is all dependant on you and what motivates you as an individual, everyone is different!


    Most importantly, you’ll get results that will impact your entire life. You’ll eat better, move better and feel better allowing you to live an awesome life! Whether you want to lose 125 lbs or simply improve how you feel on a daily basis – We’ve got your back at AwesomeLife 🙂

Do You Think If You Could Work 1-on-1, Directly With A Massive Weight Loss Expert & Master Transformation Coach For The Next 16 Weeks You'd Get Better Results Than You Are Right Now?

Typically for this level of custom program design and 1-on-1 coaching you'd end up paying thousands of dollars.

To work with me in person, my private clients pay up to $1000/month with a 12 month commitment - that's a total investment of over $12,000 to work with me in person.

Now, to be honest, I am NOT taking in-person private clients anymore, so that's not even an option for you right now anyways.

But you won't pay $12,000 with the AwesomeLife Fitness Premium Online Coaching program.

You won't even pay 1/2 of that amount...

The regular price for this premium 1-on-1 online coaching program is typically $1600...BUT...

Today, as part of a special FLASH SALE event, you'll get the entire 16 week premium online coaching program for just $12,000 $800 (one-time payment)!

Ready For Your Own Success Story - Enroll TodaySave 50% Instantly - Just a one-time payment of $800

That's right...

You'll be getting a massive discount 50% for a full 16 weeks of custom fat loss coaching!

You'll be able to work 1-on-1, directly with a massive weight loss expert & best selling author for the next 160 days to get you in the best shape of your life!

I know, I must be crazy to offer this amount of custom coaching for such little money, but you see there's a reason I can do this...

Because this entire coaching program is done 100% online there aren't a lot of expenses so I can pass those savings on to you!

That means, instead of paying up to $12,000 to work with me in person like my private clients, you can still get high quality custom coaching to get you moving, eating and feeling better for a fraction of the price - just a one-time payment of $800!

But there is a catch...

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a highly customized, 1-1 coaching experience. So, in order to provide the absolute highest level of service for my clients in the AwesomeLife Fitness Coaching program, there are ONLY 25 SPOTS AVAILABLE.

Once those spots are filled, well I'm sorry but you'll have to be placed on the waiting list until spots open up again.

To reserve your spot click the "Get Started" and you can get started eating better, moving better and feeling better today!

Once you submit your application you'll be contacted to schedule your initial Strategy Call so you can start making better progress towards your fat loss goals.

Ready For Your Own Success Story - Enroll TodaySave 50% Instantly - Just a one-time payment of $800

Guarantee Box icon-style-24


Online coaching isn’t for everyone, but we only want satisfied customers. If you don’t feel coaching is a good fit, let us know within 30 days and we’ll provide a full refund for your first-month (and require no additional payments). If you invest in us, then we invest in your success and satisfaction.





    You’re better than that and you know it.  You’re ready to make the changes necessary for long term , sustainable results.  After 10 years of working with clients directly, I know what works and doesn’t – trust the process and you’ll be eating, moving and feling better than you have in years.


    Unfortunately there’s a lot of confusing and conflicting advice in the world of fitness & nutrition. I’ve been doing this a long time – over 10 years – so I’ve become pretty good at understanding what works and what doesn’t. You can always count on me to tell you the truth and what’s in your best interest – no matter what.


    Most people over estimate what the can do in a month and under estimate what they can do in a year. It’s time to stop believing your body will drastically change in 4 weeks. But in 4 months – with commitment and hard work it’s possible to see some dramatic changes in your body. The question is – do you want hype and false promises or actual long term results?


    AwesomeLife Fitness coaching clients are family and you’re treated as such. It means the world to me to be a small part of your fitness or weight loss journey and want you to feel 100% supported every step of the way.



Ready For Your Own Success Story - Enroll TodaySave 50% Instantly - Just a one-time payment of $800

After you submit the form you'll be taken to a page to schedule your call. Please follow ALL instructions on that page VERY carefully otherwise you may miss out on your initial Strategy Call.

If we need any further information we'll contact you at the email address you provide.

Thanks and welcome to the AwesomeLife Fitness Family!

Your coach,

Cameron Makarchuk, Bachelor Of Exercise Science/Kinesiology, Certified Personal Trainer

Master Transformation Coach & Best Selling Author

CEO, & AwesomeLife Fitness

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